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SB34 to the House

(Feb 14 2019) SB3403 passed the Senate in a 20-9 vote yesterday.  It included an amendment put forward by Sen. Derek Kitchen yesterday that ups the requirements cities must include from 2 to 3 in order to quality for TIF funds.  The bill has been introduced to the House and assigned to the Business and Labor Committee.  We encourage citizens to contact members of this committee and ask them not to approve this bill on the grounds that this bill is a prime example of government overreach.  Citizens and local leaders know their communities best, and need to maintain control over how their communities are shaped by development without the state dictating what should be built.

SB34 Update

(Feb 13 2019) SB34 was approved during a second reading by the Senate in a 18-10-1 vote. However, since then a third substitute (SB3403) version sponsored by Sen. Derek Kitchen has been put forward. This new version increases the number of moderate income housing requirements cities/counties must adopt into their General Plans from ...

HB119 - Initiatives, Referenda, and Other Political Activities

(Feb 7 2019) HB119 - Initiatives, Referenda, and Other Political Activities - is also our on watch-list for the 2019 legislative session. This bill would change the way valid signature requirements are determined, moving away from numerical percentages based on the most recent Presidential election, to the status of "active voters" as of ...

SB34 - Affordable Housing Modifications

(Feb 6 2019) SB34 - Affordable Housing Modifications - is one of the primary bills we are watching this legislative session because of the potential it has to impact local development. Currently a substitute revision of the bill (SB34S01) has been approved by the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee, and is ...

HB 206 now on our watch list

(Feb 1 2019) HB 206, sponsored by Representative Jefferson Moss, Republican from Saratoga Springs, appears to guarantee a developer an increase in density provisions if they donate land in a development for use by schools.