Blog: Governor Releases Executive Order Allowing Remote Signature Gathering for Local Referenda

By Lisa Brown. Posted: Apr 2 2020

Late this afternoon, Governor Gary Herbert issued an Executive Order that will enable us to collect signatures on the Olympia Hills Referendum via electronic means during this time of "Stay Safe, Stay Home."  His statement reads as follows:  

"Citizen initiatives are an important part of our democratic process here in Utah.  At this time, however, door-to-door signature gathering poses an unnecessary health risk, both to signature gatherers, and to the households they visit.  This order creates a path forward for the signature gathering process for referenda while preserving the requirement for handwritten signatures." 

We are very grateful to the Governor's Office and those who lobbied in our behalf to bring this order about.  Click on our "Referendum tab" to the left for links to signature pages and instructions of what to do.